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PostSubject: SERVER RULES!   Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:36 am

Server rules are simple:
*Don't hack!
*Don't cheat!
*Don't use exploits!
*Don't use bad language!
*English on main chats!
*Never insult donors!
*Don't ask gm's for gold,levels or items!
*If you got a problem make a ticket!
*Don't SPAM!
*Don't advertise other servers!
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PostSubject: what if?   Sun Oct 04, 2009 5:03 am

Ok i would like to request that on this topic, Nosf, if you can please post the consequences and thus (what GM's are allowed to do in this matter). For example if some1 is speedhacking, i need to have video proof of it and then i may give a temp ban and post the "accused" in the forums.

For language disobedience is it 2 warning and 3rd is kick followed by 2 day ban if player is still ignorant?

stuff like that. Because we already have at least 4 diff languages that are spoken in LFG.

Also i suggest to keep things organized, especially because we plan to be a BIG server with tons of ppl:

everyone join /WORLD
Talk there with whoever you want IN ENGLISH!
if you want you can make your own channels for yourselves (example join /Romania or /join Brazil) to talk in whatever language you want.

I think LFG should only be for LFG.

So, admin, what do you think, what do you say? and what do you allow GM's to do.?! Basketball
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