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 Server information!

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PostSubject: Server information!   Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:48 am

Our server ir running the new Arch Emu core rev 26 and the newest DB fully update with all blizzlike items 100%!
Server ir running on: 4gb RAM , Intel Pentium 4,4 GB dual CORE Proccessor

After a long break we are back with the lastest patch and with the lastest core with all databse fixex,99% NO BUGS!!! , all quests working and a core that supports up to 5000 players and 4 day non crash!!
The database iclude full ULDUAR SPAWNED and all Ulduar items including Tier 8 and Tier 8.5 and Furious Gladiator sets and weapons(season 6) and Full SEASON 7 RELENTLESS GLADIATOR SET AND TIER 9 SET!
Server rates are:
  • QuestReputation="100"

  • KillReputation="100"

  • Honor="30"

  • XP="80"

  • QuestXP="100"

  • RestXP="100"

  • ExploreXP="100"

  • DropGrey="30"

  • DropWhite="30"

  • DropGreen="30"

  • DropBlue="30"

  • DropPurple="15"

  • DropOrange="15"

  • DropArtifact="15"

  • DropMoney="100"

  • SkillChance="10"

  • SkillRate="10"

  • ArenaMultiplier2x="20"

  • ArenaMultiplier3x="20"

  • ArenaMultiplier5x="20"

All patch 3.1.3/3.2.0/3.2.2 mobs are fully spawned and all battlegounds,arenas and instances are working!!!

Also VOTE FOR US !!!

Added Season 7 and Tier 9

Added all blizzkile items 100%

Ulduar is fully spawned and scripted

All instances work

Dk's work and dk quests work

99% quests work

99% bug free

All proffesions work

All talents work

All spells work


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Server information!
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