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PostSubject: Screenshots!   Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:06 am

Ok lets do this, post your screenshots over her. One rule: must be interesting or funny in at least a slight way Razz Scenery pics are ok too, desktop pics would be awesome too Very Happy

I'll start. OK so this is my current desktop:

It represents my server. I started playing wow on private servers 4 years ago in the 1.0.8 patch. I am IN LOVE with Vanilla wow, or calssic wow, Pre-BC wow. and the point of my server is to live that Experience (scripted Cool ) This is what i did this summer. Got 4 toons to 40-44 ish and scripted my own battleground.

This is a custom pic i made to symbolize "Vanilla WoW":

Anyways, here is some pics from the server:
Me as a GM:

I am a multiboxer(dunno how many i can keep up without lag, so far 7) but i usually just use 5 fr the dungeons:

I will post server instance and event Screenshots here for visitors, and us players to see the beauty of this server. (as soon as i get online geek )
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