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 easy money spots

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PostSubject: easy money spots   easy money spots Icon_minitimeSat Oct 03, 2009 6:04 am

Ok I've noticed some ppl just rush through leveling alone and thus have a hard time getting decent gear and gold by the time they hit 80. What I suggest for gold is getting a couple of people together and going to Karazhan. There is one hallway known as the Money Run (or the Philanthropist run). Basically in retail WoW in BC this was the money maker... and now with our server having 100X gold, its even better!

Have a look: CA$H!

They drops an average of 11 gold... so times 100 = 1100 GOLD per kill!

Hope this helps some of you. Heck, even give me a whisper ingame and i might help you do it (im a BIG Kara lover).
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easy money spots
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