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 Something to cosider

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PostSubject: Something to cosider   Something to cosider Icon_minitimeSat Oct 03, 2009 6:12 am

In order to avoid gold abusage and conflicts over trade money and items, i want to draw your attention to some facts.

Our server has 100X drop rate for gold. So dont assume people have 200k gold and charge them 100k gold for one enchant item. There are some that didnt take time to farm gold, and expect to get off easy when trading. Don't get suckered by these people. Go To a wow site that displays a gold value for a retail item and apply the same price X 20 at least to keep the economy of the server steady, and to not get scammed as a professions trader.

For example:

Leg armor is considered to buyout around 150 gold on retail. So you might want to trade it for around 3000 gold a piece on our server.

Just a couple of thoughts before our server's professions pick up Smile

I have seen many servers get screwed over by over-priced items (such as the above leg armor being sold for 50k a piece).
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Something to cosider
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