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 Death Knight

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PostSubject: Death Knight   Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:10 am

DK starting area quests

Saronite Arrows were sparkly, but not collectible:

Scarlet Defenders were attackable - but couldn't use the mine cart (limitation of the emulator?) or the cannon: Killing them one by one took a LONG time

Could not /duel or initiate a duel via dialogue with Death Knight Initiates:

These are just the three I remember - of course with the increased XP it was not necessary to do every quest there, neither for "unphasing". To unphase without completing the quests, use the death gate post level 60 and you will find yourself outside the unphased Acherus - whether your quests are completed or not. Nearby are a flightmaster and a gryphon teleporter up to Acherus.

Death Knight Talents:
Death Rune Mastery
Does not create death runes.

Death Knight Abilities:
Death Strike
Does not heal

Dominion over Acherus
Once applied this works everywhere - all the time. I CAN'T turn it off. My DK runs at 75% speed all the time.
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Death Knight
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